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KH, an all-rounder communications professional, credits his prowess to 22 years as a Pressman – having seen it, done it and lives to tell the tale, having done time in the print media (NST & Star) and wires (Dow Jones & vwd Financial News in KL & Frankfurt) – before crossing the fence to PR consultancy in 2000.

17 years on, his media “brothers” network is still as strong as many of his peers and protégés now hold top editorial posts whilst he rallies the team to develop rapport on their own level.

His keen knowledge of government, economic and market forces is a plus in issues management especially in socio-political matters.


Recent clients that benefited from KH’s counsel are Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex, I-Berhad, Infinium Robotics.

When not online scouring for latest political, local and international news, KH, a news junkie, devotes time to his family and his two overactive teenage boys.

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