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Established in January 2002, this boutique consultancy was founded by Leong MING Chong, a communications strategist and Press veteran KH Lim.

Ming was bestowed the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award by the Public Relations Consultants’ Association of Malaysia in 2013, after a 40 year sterling career.

Known for her trademark candour, in counselling clients or mentoring colleagues, Ming’s passion and enthusiasm is infectious – even today where she actively leads a soft skill development programme called Walking Tall.

KH clocked up 22 years in journalism before a mid-career move to be Client Services Director at Publicis PR in February 2000. He began his editorial journey with The Star in 1978 and later joined the New Straits Times (NST) before serving with a German financial and commodities news agency and Dow Jones Newswires. Before switching to PR, KH was NST Business Editor for 3 years and NST News Editor for a year.

In the ensuing years since 2000, KH has proven his mettle as a prudent maverick and an able consultant, drawing from his exposure and understanding of Government, economic and market forces as well as political undertones. He now specialises in issues management and public affairs.

Together, Ming, KH, and their associates provide a fresh perspective in counselling senior clients; constantly debating issues and challenging norms to better understand client situations before coming up with recommendations to help clients achieve their business objectives or organisational goals.



KH specialises in issues management and litigation relations for public and private sector corporates, organisations or agencies. We manage issues before they escalate into crises.

Getting your messages right is never more crucial than when your company or organisation is embroiled in a lawsuit. Often, a company’s reputation is sullied even if the company ends up winning the legal suit. Sometimes, the protracted nature of litigation may mean the company’s name and image gets dragged through the mud even before the verdict is reached in court.

We help clients protect their reputation by leveraging on our understanding of local media habits and practices. We have sat in with clients’ counsel and provided input on the corporate reputation aspect before, during and after the trial. If ad hoc training is required for spokespersons, we stand ready to provide it.

Our Approach

Making Sense Despite Noise

Establish the client’s desired business goals

Understand perceptions of the varied audiences

Assess the market scenario


  • Message strategy sessions
  • Spokesperson skills training
  • Soft skills training
  • Issues Management
  • Investment Advisory
  • Business Strategy Advisory
  • Media Relations & Marketing Communications
  • Corporate Positioning & Investor Relations
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